Merchant Navy Department

Are you seeking your career in merchant navy then Your absolutely at right place. Salary For Merchant Navy Guys Starts From 800$ to 8000$ Merchant navy haves various departments as follows:-

Deck Department
Engine Department
Service Department
Nautical Surveyors

Deck Department:- Head of the deck department are deck officer or navigation officer They take charge by navigation of the ship. The navigation -'officer ensures the safe navigation of the vessel, discipline on the ship and safety of crew, cargo and passengers.

merchant navy jobs are increasing day by day. countries like India, UK Australia have more and more shore jobs & ship jobs.

Engine Department: They look after the maintenance of the ship's engine room. Head ofdepartment are chief engineer or ship engineer there job is to make suree that the engines, boilers, refrigerating, electrical and sanitary equipment, deck machinery and steam connections are working abosolutely fine.

Service Department: The service department responsibility of living and catering services for the crew and other people on board. The service department is headed by a chief steward at the top and helped by stewards, bakers and mess men.

The service department also offers services which include services of divers for underwater examination of the heel of the ship, pipes and propellers. The light keepers help in operating the signaling equipment in order to guide the movement of the ship in the right direction.

Nautical Surveyors: The nautical surveyors prepare chart of various regions of the seas keeping in mind the topography and conditions of the sea.

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